November 25, 2020

What are you doing with your phone

What are you doing with your phone?

In today’s generation, we all are equipped with smartphones. Everyone is excited to own a smartphone. if we have a smartphone then we feel that our status is enhanced but have you ever asked a question that what are you doing with your smartphone? you should pay attention to what you are doing with the phone or how much time you are spending on your mobile? whether the time you are spending with your mobile is fruitful aural waste. So here are some things that you usually do with your mobile phone.

1. Watching movies:

Watching movies till late night on the screens of your mobile, this habit of watching movies strains the eyes because the blue light of the mobile phone destroys the vision of the human eye.

Watching movies for late-night disturb your sleep. which in return affects the routine of another day when your routine of the day gets affected then you cannot achieve the target for that particular day. So you should minimize your greed of watching movies, online shows, or web series.

2. Playing games:

Playing online games is spreading like a forest fire. Every third individual of this world plays games on mobile phones. The games such as pubg, free fire, or grand theft auto 5 are most loved by people nowadays. Students and children play these games by ignoring their studies.

Children get addicted to these online games. They cannot survive without playing these games. Playing online games has become a major substitute for outdoor games which is adversely affecting the health of children. The youth of today is very busy in playing online games thereby neglecting their future. So try to play less games online on your phone.

3. Scrolling down your phone:

We often pass time scrolling down the feed of social media or simply scrolling down our phones. We get nothing from scrolling down the feed of social media. We simply waste our qualitative time in scrolling down the phone. Reading the silly memes and laughing on them is another way of wasting time.

This time which you are wasting can be successfully used in completing your other important works which are delayed due to paying more attention to your phone. So do not waste your time in scrolling the feed or liking and commenting on photos and following people. Make fruitful use of your time.

4. Watching or reading a legal content:

As mostly, every one of us is equipped with a smartphone. The children may go for reading or watching the content which is not suitable for them to watch. In fact, the mindset of the children is shaped according to what they watch, listen, and once they start reading and listening to the sensitive illegal or adult content than their mind gets trained according to what they are listening to and reading. Watching adult content may give rise to the heinous crime. Avoid watching and reading illegal or adult content.

5. Passing time with the phone:

Watching videos that are not necessary or listening to music or in other words simply passing the time on the phone. This habit of passing time with the phone would render other tasks incomplete. This habit creates a sort of laziness within you. You always want to stick to your phone. You become addicted to it being with this habit you cannot make good use of your time.

These are the things which we usually do with our mobile phones which do not provide any kind of benefit.

What are you doing with your phone

Now here are some tips that you can use to make a maximum out of using a phone.

1. Learn to invest:

In spite of watching movies, you should learn to invest. There are numerous platforms of learning investing money online. You should try to learn to invest. Before investing you should keep in mind certain things such as are you investing in the right place? Will you get any kind of return from investing there? You should take care that you are not caught in a fraud. You should learn to invest your time by investing money and get a reasonable return from it.

2. Sell products:

As we already knew that there are a number of ways to earn money online likewise the one of these many ways is to sell products. Selling products online are the small business startups. There are certain platforms which support such kind of startups like Flipkart and Amazon where you can sell your products on reasonable rates.

This provides your art or skill a new advancement. The apps like OLX provides you the platform to sell old products, the things which you think are useless; turns into useful money. So instead of simply scrolling down your phone sell products and earn something.

3. Create page:

We noticed that there are people with extraordinary talents like taking beautiful and amazing photos, writing poems or stories, reciting Shayari or making drawings and etc, and to showcase these talents you need a platform or a stage. The phone in your hand is this stage to let the people praise and admire your talent. Instead of playing games all the time showcase your talent, which will allow people to praise and admire you.

4 .Read e-books:

Instead of watching, listening, or reading illegal or the adult content you should go for the reading of e-books available on your mobile phone. And if you find reading as time-consuming and boring activity then there is another alternative you can go for audiobooks, listening audiobooks, or reading ebooks enrich your knowledge and would always keep you on the right track.

5. Develop good habits:

Instead of playing games, watching movies, scrolling down your mobile phone- that is simply wasting time you should develop a good collection of habits. You should develop habits like reading books online which would enrich your knowledge and also develop the habit of earning online.

So here you are provided with do’s and don’ts that you are doing with your mobile phone and the things you should do with your mobile respectively.

So go ahead assess yourself and improve yourself.