November 25, 2020

Tried and Tested Tips to speak English fluently?

Tried and Tested Tips to speak English fluently
Tried and Tested Tips to speak English fluently

We are living in that society in which your morals, values,  lifestyle, standard, and language matter more than you as a “human being”.

Nowadays in this 21st century, most of us are having high living standards and modernized lifestyles and if not having now; then you would be trying hard to make it. Here one thing which, which matters whole by itself and can upgrade and standardize our lifestyle and values or morals is “language”.

Our language tells our status that how much morals, values, and education we carry with us. And this language here does not mean native languages but this “language” is “English” the worldwide used hence the one and only international language “English”.

English plays an important role in each and every individual’s life the individual can be a student, teacher, businessman, and So on .because in whichever part of the world you are English is understood everywhere.

But since it has too much importance among us it is the need of every individual. still, there are some people who do not know how to speak English and if they know then the lack that fluency.

So, today here are some ways not entirely theoretical, only to read but entirely a practical approach to learn how to speak English fluently. These steps are not only going to provide you fluency but also these may help the beginners to speak English.

Let’s try them:

1. Have the confidence to express your feelings as words:

Sometimes, a condition appears that we know everything but we do not have the confidence to express it. However knowledgeable you are, no matter how much brilliant and skillful you are.until and unless you do not acquire the confidence to express your skills and arts you are nothing so have faith in yourself try to build up your confidence and let your feelings have the words so that they can be expressed well.

2. Do not think in your respective local languages:

“What you think is what you speak.” it is our thoughts which come out as words through our tongue. Whatever you think in whichever way you will speak that in the same way as you thought of.

no matter how much you try to control your words they would spontaneously come out in the way they were thought if you want to speak English fluently then try to think in English too. So, that words can be expressed in English. So, start thinking in English.

3. Read as much as you can:

The one eternal solution to improve your speaking skills is doing reading in ample. You should read as much as you can. because the habit of reading is very beneficial apart from providing knowledge about something it also allows you to learn different kinds of usages, different -different phrases, idioms, synonyms, and antonyms.which make your speech much more influencive and with it, the fluency can also be developed. And when you speak using different words, idioms and phrases. Then your speech conveys a positive effect on the listener. So try to establish reading as your habit.

4. Try to build up your vocabulary:

To speak fluently and flawlessly in English you should have a treasure of that your speech does not appear boring and outdated to the listeners, and you can build a strong vocabulary by listening English songs, watching English movies and most importantly by reading, in reading you may include many kinds of English newspapers any magazines in which you are interested in and in order not to get bored you may also pick up novels and storybooks to read.

5. Do not worry about grammatical errors:

Many of you you may be worried about the grammatical errors while speaking then you should know that spoken English is entirely different from written English. It means that when you speak English, in the tenses and the class of verb and action vary from the English when we write it, the tenses and verbs are different. So whenever you speak English do not worry that in your speech they would be grammatical mistakes, just present a speech without any worry and doubts.

6. Do not hesitate to speak in public:

when you have instilled confidence in yourself and you have built a strong vocabulary then still, you are not confident to speak in public. Because you have multiple fears in your mind, that what would happen if you stuck in between and what the audience would think if you will speak something wrong and finally you lose the battle before paying effort into it. So let your mind relax, think that the audience sitting in front are not aliens they are normal human beings like you and everything is normal around you and then start your speech with a confident smile.

this practice of speaking in public will render you fluency to a larger extent.

7. Practice in front of the mirror:

When you have acquired everything either in terms or vocabulary or confidence then, you should start practicing in front of the mirror .because the mirror is the best teacher who can lead you to the good speaker, orator of English. because when you speak in front of the mirror you get to know about your facial expressions and your body language and you may change them accordingly. and by doing so you will achieve perfection and fluency in your speech so practice as much as you can.

8. Kill your fears:

You have everything, but what let you down are the fears in your mind and hearts, so let your mind relax, and take a deep breath and with this exhale out all the fears, doubts, and negative energies out of your mind and inhale confidence, happiness and positivity.

So now you have been provided by the steps that are very rational and totally practical to follow in your daily life. by following these steps one by one your English would attain a fluency which would definitely inspire and can also amaze the listener and you cannot skip this because the English language is highly recommendable in this competitive world.

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