Top 20 Most Powerful Tips for Personality Development- 2020

Top 20 Most Powerfull Tips for Personality Development
Personality Development Tips
“What a personality she has! “

“Quite admirable ”
these are the phrases, which we find ourselves complimenting others; but have we even cared why someone does not compliment us? What is lacking in ourselves?
it’s just a word to say “personality” everyone demands for “good personality” and now what is this “personality” called?

Personality does not mean physical charm of a person when one talks about the personality of a person, it is not about how he looks or work, personality is a psychological concept that deals with the growth and development of a person as a whole .it does not focus on the parts of a person; physical or mental but focuses on the aggregate whole?

Now we need to refer to the actual meaning of personality :

The term personality is derived from the Latin word “persona” which means ” to speak through” it describes the person as a whole. since there are two sides of the same coin same is with the term “personality” there exist two types of personality that is type A personality and type B personality :

Type A personality:

People who get aggressive and irritable if things do not happen as they want; the people with type A personality are always in hurry and feel the urgency for time, this kind of people lacks interpersonal and communication skills and they are more prone to stress hence this is a bad glass of personality.

Type B personality:

The persons with this personality trait are patient and work in composed way .this class of people is interested in work but they are not workaholics. They are not stressed and they have strong interpersonal skills and this is a good class of personality or can be called as “good personality”.

Now let’s have a glance on some tips, that would ensure you to develop a charismatic personality aur ab good class of personality :

1. Be a good communicator:

Communication is one thing which conveys the one first impression and also which makes others comfortable to speak to you since; in order to have a good personality one should have strong interpersonal skills and to build up interpersonal skills what is needed is finer communication. it is only with the communication that builds uplink between the people and allows them to express their feelings in the form of words.

2. Maintain a good body language :

The most amazing fact is that the major part of the personality is conveyed through the body postures and body language. Your body language at one hand gives the external definition of you. It defines that how you are as a person. Believe it or not but your body speaks about you before you define yourself so always stay chin up, Be in erect position and let your body feel comfortable and confident.

3. Be optimistic :

They would be a number of hurdles and hindrances in life which would stand in your path of success and will leave you hopeless, and with negative thoughts and latter what happens is you leave the path even without trying to reach your destination. which hence proves you a big loser, so always keep your mind filled up with positivity and hopes. Keep away from the people with the negative thoughts and hence which would definitely add a jewel to your personality.

4. keep calm attitude :

Attitudes are one that is the major constituent of your personality. A person is nothing without attitude. You are not worth enough if you lack attitude and having an attitude is not at all sufficient, having an appropriate attitude is what contrast your personality. And makes you different from the crowd. Because in this competitive world what makes you stand apart and a successful person is a “good personality”.

5. Appreciate others for their works and skills :

Pointing out bugs in someone else’s work or arts is human behavior. but it is that behavior that degrades your personality by one grade. as if you always search out for imperfection in others’ work or their arts and skills then you would be perceived as an arrogant person and arrogancy has no place in a good personality. Thus in an effort to gain the virtue of good personality learn to appreciate others abilities capabilities skills and arts.

6. Maintaining good mental health :

Nothing can go good until and unless you are keeping up with your mental health, otherwise everything else will prove to be fatal. with good mental health, you can get through any kind of situation or may how much tough the problem or the riddle can be easily solved with a good state of mind and everything gets into an easy-going and to survive, and to get your way through this complicated world you need strong and smart mind.

7. keep yourself physically fit and fine since :

As we already talked about body language and a strong and smart mind and the whole sum of this what makes your physique. if you keep yourself physically in a good and healthy state then your body language is going to be in a positive state by cell, and if you look on to the smart and strong my then we have an old saying “the healthy body is the only residence of a strong mind “.

8. Be a good listener :

If you can be a good communicator or a good speaker then you should have the quality of a good listener too. Being a good listener is equally important to being a good speaker, it’s birthless to be a speaker without being a good listener. a person in efforts to build up a nice personality the person should have enough patience to listen to what people say to him or her.

9. Be a soft-spoken :

Being a soft-spoken person apart building up Goodwill draws many advantages to you. What does say is “you can be Harsh or rude in your words but never let your harshness come to your voice” so that even when you are unhappy, you can go unnoticed that is even if you be rude you cannot be interpreted as rude or Harsh person so one way the soft tone of your voice somewhere or the either hides another ill of yours.

10. Be confident about yourself:

Confidence: small quality which can rule the youth world.
Yes! absolutely if you are confident about yourself then you can make anything impossible possible. Confidence is that stamina which can make green grasses in droughts and can bring rains to the desert. It can create miracles and if you acquire it once it would let you do magic!
Never be doubtful of your actions, feel comfortable about your decisions, and build up an influential personality.

11. Ignore the criticism :

“You cannot do that”
“You are not made for it”
“You are not born for it”
“It’s not your cup of tea”

At one or other end of the day you might have found yourself hearing all these, not only hearing these, these all create doubts and uncertainty in your mind which reflects your attention and you from your aim. Keep away yourself from the people who judge you, because what they are doing is they are diverting your mind and thereby making you incapable.

12. Always be self-motivated:

when all the people around you are judging you, demoralize you, and passes all the criticism over to you here what works out is the “self-motivation”. Now why self-motivation? Then let’s have an answer to it since nobody is going to drive with you in life forever so what you always require would be you motivating yourself. At the last when people would see you motivated by yourself people started admiring your personality.

13. Be active and attentive always:

Sometimes you be sleepy, sometimes you be lazy, and this little laziness is nothing visible but its effects are very adverse, just in a flick of the second it destroys and crumbles down all your virtue of personality.
I hope none of you would be ready to take such a destructive risk. How would it’s sound good that you are sleepy in your ongoing meetings or frequently lose your attention that nobody is going to lead you so start being attentive take a proper sleep and begin with the fresh day?

14. Always be ready to learn and discover new things:

You would have noticed a piece of iron middle getting rusting and losing its existence of life, so here what is tried to mention is with your old acquired knowledge you cannot work through all the odds and outs. It is necessary that you should update yourself by the time in case of lifestyle, language or knowledge try to learn the new things which come your way and start upgrading yourself.

15. Welcome differences:

There are 7.8 billion people on this earth, and there would be hundreds of thousands of billions of differences among them, we should learn to cope with the difference’s coming our way. because we cannot change or discriminate among these 7.8 billion people of this globe. and discriminating on the basis of certain differences like caste, creed, color, sex, knowledge, or religious background is not a virtue of good personality so start welcoming differences of people around you.

16. Accept your mistakes:

The hardest thing to do is to accept that you are wrong and to say that “sorry I am mistake and” when you really do not accept that you were wrong then nothing is going to improve. You cannot strive towards the perfection because accepting that you have done a mistake in completing certain task is the only way which helps you to lead your path towards perfection and success.

17. Be social:

If you have the knowledge, if you have the abilities, if you have the guts, but still you are sitting by closing your fist.then you are worth nothing God has given you this life to do good to humanity and serve the society which is impossible if you are not socializing yourself to be social, have family and friends and act according to their welfare is the basic need of every human so mingle with people and start being a social being.

18. Be emotionally stable :

In this competitive world, every employer demands an employee who keeps himself or herself emotionally stable. because if you are not emotionally stable then you cannot put 100% effort into your job which leads you to the failures so to avoid all these failures and distractions keep your emotions away from your profession.

19. Control your anger:

To maintain a full-fledged personality one of the ill which you need to establish a control over is your anger learn to practice to control your Fury actually being angry or violent is not a solution, in fact, is never the solution instead of wasting the time in being angry and losing the designation, should start working on the seed of the problem itself .so you should work on to keep calm and cool.

20. Have a good degree of agreeableness :

Just imagine that you are going through a discussion and not you and neither the other party agree on pact then that condition turns into the heated, aggressive and violent discussion and the condition might get worse further, and get turn into violence which is not at all the answer or solution to anything so to avoid all these. Try to agree with other party words just your one “yes” can turn the whole condition upside down.

So dear readers, it would have been long reading, but all these 20 tips would have taken you two different aspects of your life and providing the solution to your different and obstinate worries and questions.
For now, let you mind rest and work on these steps with all your might and best.

All the best for your journey ahead!!

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