Top 10 Tricks to Win Argument

Someone has said, “If you win the argument that does not mean you are right.” The winning argument might also be possible for some other reason, which is given below. Hello friends my name is Ved Prakash. In this article, I am going to explain to you about how how to win the argument with infallible weapons. 

Be polite

It is said that politeness can win someone’s heart without exaggerating anything. Some people start shouting because they think that they are putting an impression on them but it is totally wrong so when you argue with someone you put your ideas very politely with them. If they are shouting, let them shout but you don’t spoil your impression by shouting. So “politeness is your first weapon to win the argument.”

Feel Confident

“Here is feeling confident is the second weapon come to win the argument”, According to a study it is found that if sometimes you say anything wrong but it is filled with confident, even then that would give a good impression on them but it does not mean you always speak wrong. feeling confident shows that you have knowledge regarding that.

Eye contact

“This is your third weapon that is eye contact”. Eye contact is mandatory while you argue with someone because Eye contact shows that you are interested in arguing with them and you are confident in your point. The one who does not make eye contact shows that he is not confident.

Body Language

“Body language your fourth weapon is your body language.” almost everyone knows the importance of body language because when we interact with someone we find according to a study that communication is only 7% verbal, 38% is tone of voice, and 55% role is of our Body Language.

Stop yourself being personal for offensive

Sometimes people start throwing personal comments which is very bad they become so offensive just because they start feeling and unconfident, but you have to avoid it totally. Always talk with humbleness, if you would be offensive you can never win that argument.
These things given above are the very important thing that you must know before you enter into an argument with someone because all these steps will enhance your personality while you argue with each other, these points show you about your character and with your character everyone can judge you easily so always remember point given above.

Now we will tell you some special points Which you have to do during your argument with your adversary.

Listen carefully to your Adversary

When your adversary asks you something or says you something, listen to him very carefully because you can answer very well only then when you have understood your adversary’s words. If you do not focus on your adversary’s words then your answer against him also be possible wrong and it will throw the wrong impression as well.

Figure and Fact

Suppose I ask you some questions and you are giving just anything as an answer. Would that affect me or throw an impression on me, your answer would be in no because everyone needs proof and evidences so always try to talk with figure and fact. This gives you very much impression. So when you talk with Figure and Fact then it would be much possible that your adversary would have no question to raise his voice against you.

Avoid Competition

When you start arguing, forget that you are sitting in competition, you have to just put your thought with the actual figure and facts and nothing else, If you will focus on argue only, you will be more productive and if you will keep thinking that you are doing competition you’re arguing might not be good.

Create Relation

You know when we were little we wrote anything without thinking to start and ending point when we grew we were taught to write by creating a relationship with each other sentences the same procedure we will follow here while we argue because when we talk or argue by creating relation, it does not only throw good impression but also understood by your adversary well, due to which your point get strength.

Read Newspaper

Newspaper is a great weapon of this era because the newspaper does not give only news of what happened in your country but also it also complete your needs of book. reading newspaper on daily basis enhance your personality much better. You have not to do a substitute of newspapers that means you should not watch television for news because if you read something that gives analytical power to your mind.


Our aim should be to throw a good impression. we should focus more on how to speak rather than what to speak.

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