Successful People v/s Unsuccessful People

There are two types of people in the world the one is successful people and the other is a successful person. Now the question arises why some people are successful and some people are and successful beside all the people who have the same amount of time.

To differentiate between successful people and successful people, Edmond Mbiaka said “one of the differences between some successful people is that one group is full of doers, while the other is full of wishes.” From this quote, we can interpret that unsuccessful people only dream but successful people work for what they dream.

Now here is a detailed comparison between successful people and unsuccessful people.

Successful people have the following qualities.

1. Accept responsibility for their failure:

Those are really successful who take responsibility for their failures. They do not blame others for their losses instead they accept their mistakes and improve them. This helps them to prevent themselves from committing that mistake again. Telling yourself that you are mistaken is one of the best success mantras.

2. Have a sense of gratitude:

Successful people have a sense of gratitude. The successful people thank and appreciate other people.successful people give other people credit for their victories. Successful people do not blame others for their own mistakes. Successful people do not forget to thank the people who helped them to be successful.

3.Continuously learn:

Successful people maintain consistency in their life. The maintained the regularity in their work. They learn daily. Successful people do not postpone their work for tomorrow. They manage their time and completes the provided tasks in the given time. This consistency helps them to succeed in life.

4.Set goals and develop life plans:

Successful people do not work aimlessly. They have certain aims for their work. Successful people do have plans for what to do in their life. Keeping a life plan allows you to stick to your goals and there are fewer chances of getting deviated from the path of success.

5. Keep a journal:

Successful people maintain the record of their daily activities in a journal. The successful people compare their daily activities recorded in a journal with their plan and if they find any kind of difference in them then the cope up with these and make their actions and plan match with each other.

6.Compliment others:

Successful people praise and compliment others. Successful people want other people to succeed. They do not feel jealous of the achievement of others even these people appreciate the other people’s efforts and motivate them to do furthermore achievements. They have an attitude of complimenting others for their skills and arts.

7. Operate from transformational perspective:

The people who are successful in their lives do not only have aims for themselves but they do work for the cause of humanity. Successful people are not money-oriented. The earn to serve humanity. These successful people work to bring out positive changes in society. They have a transformational perspective.

8.Exude joy:

Successful people always keep themselves happy in each and every kind of situation.

Now, here comes why some people, even after paying due efforts and time are unsuccessful?

1. Blame others for their failures:

Unsuccessful people blame others for their failures. Unsuccessful people never accept that they are mistaken. They even search out invalid reasons for their failures and their self made mistakes and as they never accept their mistakes as a result of which they never improve themselves.

2. Have a sense of entitlement:

Unsuccessful people have a sense of entitlement. Unsuccessful people lack a sense of gratitude. Successful people think that if someone helps them then he or she is entitled to do so. They do not express thanks. They have an attitude of “if he or she helped then what?” This quality leads them to more failures in their lives.

3.Lack consistency:

Unsuccessful people do not have consistency. Unsuccessful people are not regular in their work. They have an attitude of postponing the things for tomorrow and then building a heap of burden which they can never complete. The unsuccessful people do not complete the tasks in the given time. These kinds of people always get late.

4. Never set goals:

The unsuccessful people never set goals and as they do not have goals in their lives they easily get distracted from their path. Unsuccessful people have no plan of action. They do not have plans for their future that is they do not know the motive of their lives. There simply walking on a path without knowing the destination.

5. Fear change:

Unsuccessful people fear change. They cannot accept a change. Unsuccessful people do not want modifications. These people fear taking risks. Unsuccessful people cannot take the risk to bring a change. The unsuccessful people have a fear of losing a battle even before fighting it.

6. Secretly hope others fall:

The unsuccessful people wish secretly for The fall of others. The unsuccessful people never compliment others for their work. These people cannot praise and motivate others for their skills and arts. The unsuccessful people even wish for the failure of others that the efforts of other people should go in vain.

7. Operate from a transactional prospective:

Unsuccessful people operate from a transactional perspective. The unsuccessful people have an attitude of giving and expecting a return from others or these unsuccessful people if helped by someone then they try to pay the return of their help. They lack the transformational attitude. This transactional perspective leads to further failures in their life.

8.Exude anger:

Unsuccessful people are always very angry. They lack a calm attitude. Unsuccessful people are always unhappy.

So far we have discussed the differences between successful and unsuccessful people.

Now the choice is yours whether you want to be successful or unsuccessful in your life.

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