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 Lies are the behavior to be acted by the person to hide the truth so that they could save themselves from the punishment most of the people tell a lie but according to study conducted by University of Massachusetts psychologist Robert S. Feldman, 60% people tell a lie at least once during 10 minutes conversation and told 2 of 3 lies.

Feldman said the study showed that women lie more than men or vice versa but both of them lie in different ways. men are likely to lie to appear themselves better while women are more likely to lie to make the person feel happy with what they were talking to. Referred from

Whenever someone has to hide something he tells a lie, whenever someone has to manipulate something he tells a lie, whenever someone has to appear his integrity he tells a lie. The person finds it very difficult to whom someone is telling a lieIn such a situation, what if we got some ideas to spot the lie?

Here are some tips to spot lie effectively By the practice.

There are two parts of the brain. One is left part and the other is the right part. Left part stores memory happened in the past and right part work for imagination or creating something as lies are also created.

So when you want to find someone’s lies you will have to observe their eyes because it is said that “Eyes tell everything”
when someone is telling lies that means he is creating something, when he is creating something his eyes go in the right corner subconsciously.

For examining this you can ask someone to imagine something like if he got superpower what would he do then see what will be his reaction, after asking you will observe him that his eyes will go in the right corner, again and again, that means he is imagining. In something situation we will find that he is telling lie or not.

If his eyes go in the left corner it means he is explaining something which happened in the past because the left part of the brain is related to memory. All memory is stored in the left part of the brain.
For examining this you can ask someone to explain what happened in the past, you will find that while explaining his eyes will go corner again and again.
After using both methods you can find that the one is creating something or explaining what happened in the past.

we are giving you some extra tips to find lies.

Look at face

when a person is in the middle of the lies his face start giving clue like- He starts biting his lips, He starts getting flared nostrils, he starts blinking rapidly, he starts covering his mouth and eyes with his hand. all these things happened subconsciously.

Listen carefully tone and sentence structure

when a person tells a lie you will see his tone and sentence structure will be changed than usual. He will exaggerate all the important instructions. His sentence would not be normal, maybe either slow or fast.

Immediate Answer

when you ask any type of question. a normal person can pause to answer but a Liar will not pause to answer because Lier already rehears how to present answer on being questioned so if lier gives immediate answer then it is a symbol of the lie.

Observe how a lier refers to himself

while telling lie, Liar never talks about himself because he wants to maintain distance himself from that matter. He does not want to involve himself in anyways


All the above-given tips are not guaranteed for 100% but it works for 60 to 70%. Because every person’s nature is different for lie. This is the only reason to be helpful 60 to 70% only. These tips can help you in spotting the lies of your son, employees, friends, etc.

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