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If you want to learn writing a formal email so you are on the right website to learn.

We know that there are many sources to communicate with one another. In which emails are also one of them. If we are going to learn how to write formal emails then first we need also to know types of emails.

There are three types of mail :

  1. Informal mail
  2. Semi-formal mail
  3. Formal mail

Informal Mail

Informal emails are written to our friends and relative. There are no specific rules for writing informal mail reading and writing it in anyways. We can use informal language ( slangs/abbreviations can be added) no particular styles are required to write informal emails.

Semi-Formal Mail

Semi-formal emails are written to the person working in any organization at the same seniority level. Language should be casual and friendly.

Formal Mail

Formal emails are written to the person within and outside the organization so language should be formal here. No casual or friendly language can be used and slang and abbreviation also can not be used in formal emails.

But here in the article, we will learn how to write a formal mail only so first of all, for formal emails we need to follow some following tips :

Some tips are here to write effective and appropriate email :

  • Make the purpose of writing an email.

  • Make points about information to be included in it.
  • Use your official id for all work related to mails.
  • Mails should be short and simple
  • State the subject of your mails
  • Do not write the entire email in capital letters.
  • Use separate paragraph for stating different points.
  • Highlight/ underline the key points.
  • Do not use slang, abbreviation and SMS language in your formal mails.
  • Include graphs, flowchart, etc. to bring clarity in your message of mail.
  • Follow all etiquettes of formal communication.
  • You can attach any file at the end.
  • Check your entire email with spelling and grammatical errors before sending it.
  • Do not add your emotion in a formal mails.

So after keeping in attention all the above very important information you will ahead to write a formal mail.


To : (name of recipient)

Cc/ Bcc :

Subject : (the main purpose of your mails in short or topic)

Main body of mail : (it contains the main content of mail)

  1. starting paragraph should outline the reason for writing the mail

  2. the following paragraph should have relevant details

Closing : make a conclusion statement/ suggestion

  1. recommendation to address the problem or issues

  2. suggestion on the timeline for resolving the issue.
Attachment : (any file can be added here at the last)

Signature line : (it includes signature, name and the designation (name of post ) of sender. you can add telephone number also)

Cc: “Cc” means “carbon copy”- the same emails being sent to other persons with their email IDs visible to all the groups.

Bcc: “Bcc” means “black carbon copy” – the name and email IDs of BCC receiver are not visible to the recipient of the mail but his ID is visible to the BCC receiver.


To: Deepak Aggarwal

Cc/Bcc :

Subject: On the Promotion to Manager

Dear Deepak Aggarwal,

I am very delighted to praise you that you have been given to the post of Manager in the purchasing department.

Your hard work and willingness are appreciable. You have been with reliance industries for the last five years and have proved your dedication to the company.

Seeing your hard work you are worth to this post, therefore you have been recognized for this outstanding achievement.

I hope you will sustain this company with the same hard work and dedication.


Ramanuja goyal

(Chief financial officer)

Reliance industries

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