How to train your mind to stay positive?

Even after dealing with so many sorrows and hard times can we stay positive? yes, we can. If we try, then nothing is impossible. When we face failures continuously in life then we get stressed. Will lose hopes. Everything seems to be running in the opposite direction which you can never catch. You lose the self-confidence.

You lose hope for good things to take place. But a quote by Helen Keller puts away all the negativities “keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” when you keep on thinking positive things then negative Vibes will never come near to you.

Now here are some top tips and tricks that gonna guide you for “how to train your mind to stay positive?”

1. Keep yourself surrounded with positive people:

The first thing you should do to train your mind to stay positive is keeping a company of positive people. When you live with a positive set of people then automatically you will be enriched with positive thoughts and definitely, your thoughts are going to be reflected in your actions.

How important it is to have a positive company is depicted by a quote by Ernest Holmes that “surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.” These words mean that you should stay with those who encourage you for right and prevents you from doing go wrong.

2. Learn to convert negative into positive:

To lead a positive life, whatever the situation maybe you should learn to convert negative to positive. When you start converting negative into positive then everything starts falling in its place.

A quote by Willie Nelson states that “once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results.” It is interpreted as when you convert each of your negative thoughts into positive ones then you will automatically find your life moving in a positive direction. So to train your mind to stay positive replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

3. Forgive others:

Keeping the grudge in your heart for somebody’s folly would always disturb your mental peace which further affects your life. You can get more stressed and sometimes the condition may get worse leading to depression. So instead of disturbing your mental peace and happiness, you should forgive the people.

“Forgiveness is an attribute of great people.” You should never think that by forgiving someone, you are doing injustice to yourself but you should pay attention to the quote by Jonathan Lockwood hui “forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.” So forgive others stay positive and live a happy life.

4. Keep on motivating yourself:

Self-motivation is as necessary to stay positive in life or to train your mind to stay positive and calm in every situation as oxygen is necessary to live a life. When you keep on motivating yourself, then no matter how many hurdles, obstacles, and difficulties you face still you keep on moving. You will never lose the battle.

Keep on moving irrespective of the situation is a way to keep your mind positive. Which enhances the chances of success in your life. The necessity of self-motivation is truly depicted in the quote by Demon Galgut that “real obsession needs and unconscious motivation behind it.”

5. Forget your past:

Spending time in thinking over your past and regretting your mistakes will simply put you in a condition to mourn and cry. So to lead a positive life and to train your brain to think in a positive way you should forget your past whatever it was, does not matter; because it is dead it is not going to happen again, if once you stop thinking about it.

So as it is rightly said by Bryant McGill that “your past is like a bag of bricks. Set it down and walk away. Stop collecting every painful word memory and mistake. Collect hope.”

6. Heal yourself:

To train your mind to stay positive inner healing of a person is essentially required. There should be no fears, no regrets, no pains in heart and mind as Rabindranath Tagore said “when the mind is without fear and head is held high.” you should not think that your wounds cannot be healed, they can be as it is rightly quoted by Kelly grosklags that “some people cannot be cured, but everyone can heal.”

7. Take out time for what you love:

To train your mind to stay positive even in difficult and hard times, you should take out some time out of your schedule to do what you really love to do. As J Balvin said “when you do what you love. It does not work anymore.” Which says that when you do some work that you love then you will not have a burden and tension of completing the task. You can easily finish and you also do not get bored by doing that work besides doing the work that you love, refreshes your mind and gives you happiness.

8. Love yourself:

To keep your mind positive you should start loving yourself. Self-love boosts your stamina to live life. Self-love inspires you to stay cool and calm in every situation.

Self-love can also change the way the people treat you as Rupi Kaur said “how you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” She said people will start treating you as you treat yourself.

9. Relax your mind and body:

You should give appropriate time to yourself to relax as in the words of Leonardo da Vinci ” every now and then go away have a little relaxation for when you come back to your work your judgment will be sure. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and the lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen “

These were the ways to train your mind to stay positive.

So and train your mind to stay positive and keep yourself happy.

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