How to Think Faster and Smarter?

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Before we tell you how to think faster, you will have to think about what are those problems due to which you can’t think faster. why you get stuck while you answer any question. I have answered all questions in this article but promise me you will read it without skipping a single line to understand the solution of the thought process.

Fear of public speaking

Getting stuck in thinking is a very common problem with beginners. Whenever a person starts his career, he has to face public speaking before the audience on stage but he gets stuck, The reason is fear of public speaking. Due to the fear we can’t be able to think faster before the audience because your mind does not work properly so you will have to lessen your fear. It will be less only to combat audiences and practice but there are some more clues to lessen this fear which is given below.

Advanced preparation

The main reason for your public speaking here is your less knowledge on that topic which is going to be presented before the audience. so before you go to Audience, make sure you are prepared to face those questions which are about to be raised by the audience because you can only think faster when you are already familiar with those questions from somewhere or other.

Read book to collect knowledge

It is not necessary that having knowledge is only important when you go to face the audience. For growing your thought and mind, you should keep reading a book every day at least one hour in your free time. There should be any type of book weather regarding your field or other. But most of the book must be related to your field.

Stop multitasking

“Dripping water hollows out stone not through force but through persistence.”
Similarly we should follow in our life. When we do the work in the same field, again and again, mastering that field and our mind starts working fast, sometimes you would also have imagined that your mind Works so fast without thinking but when you start multitasking our brain gets into a fallacious situation. That’s why, it does not work properly and we do not think fast.

Repete paragraph after closing book

When our mind is given time foundation to do any work it becomes stronger. you have to read a paragraph from a book one time without repetition in a single word and then close your book and try to speak what you read. you can also write it along with speaking. The first time you will face more obstacles but it will give you more and more benefits. Do it for 30 days only. It will improve your thinking capacity.


Meditation helps so much to make our brain crispness it gives refreshment along with improving our memory. Meditation not only helps our brain to think fast but also helps us to make happier and so on. You cant count it benefits on your finger so meditation is a must to everyone to make healthy your life.
“Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.”– Swami Muktananda


If I talk about the simple meaning of self-confidence that is “Believe in yourself.” When you have done all the above things you will feel so confident yourself automatically but you don’t need to show that you are feeling confident. I remember one quote that is true “Confidence may not bring success but it gives power to face any challenge.” Self-confidence also play a vital role in our life for growing thinking ability.

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