December 4, 2020

How to study in one day before exam?- SocialSkill

Each day of life is an exam in one or the either way. We learn from experiences and mistakes and improve yourself by committing mistakes and will lead towards perfection but when it comes to your academic exams you would hardly take a risk to commit any type of mistake. The major question which gets more complicated when we think more about is “How to study in one day before the exam? “

Now the question arises what are the obstacles which hinder us from studying fruitfully a day before the exam. There can be a number of reasons some of them are listed below:

  1. The environment in which you are studying may be noisy.
  2. You may not be having a properly planned time table
  3. You may become nervous and helpless due to which you lose concentration in your studies.
  4. You may get distracted with disturbances like attending a phone call, chatting, etc.

All these hindrances can be crumbled down with certain efforts. By practicing tips and tricks you can successfully study a day before your exam. So here are some tips which would solve your question: “how to study one day before your exam?”

1. Prepare routine of the day before the exam:

You should not miss managing the day before your exam. You should plan in advance how you will study the day before your exam. Prepare a timetable for the day before the examination so that your time cannot be wasted in deciding what to study and when to study. By planning in advance you can fruitfully execute your day before the exam. So plan and decide well what to do and how to do and for how long a day before the exam.

2. Eliminate all kind of disturbances:

The environment of the place at which you are studying should be free from all kinds of disturbances. Your study place should be away from all kinds of noise. You should keep your gadgets or mobile phones away while studying. You should study in a calm and silent place. When you study in a disturbance-free environment then your mind does not get distracted and you can study with focus and concentration.

3. Do not lose hope:

You should not lose hope the day before your exam. You may get frightened by having a look at the huge syllabus. You should tell yourself that you can do it. Do not get hopeless. Keep patience and do your studies according to the timetable that you have planned. Keep all the negative thoughts away from your mind. Use all your energy in doing your studies.

4. Do not panic:

Never panic on the day before your exam. When you panic you can not concentrate on your studies. So if you want to study a day before your exam stop panicking. When you panic you get surrounded with all the negative thoughts that you cannot complete your version within a day or will forget all in the exam. So keep yourself calm and confident and do not panic a day before your exam.

5. Do not study anything new:

A day before your exam you should not study the content that you have not studied should not study anything new on a day before your exam because when you try to learn new things on the day before your exam you fail to do the revision of what you have studied earlier. Since revision is very important before writing an exam so avoid studying new things. Do the revision of what you have already studied.

6. Revise perfectly and patiently:

Revision is the key to get success in exams. Revision is very necessary before you sit for an exam. Revision makes you remember what you have studied. When you do revision then there are very few chances of committing a mistake in the exam. Revision makes you answer the questions with accuracy. Revision makes you score more. So before writing your exam you revise perfectly and with patience.

7. Avoid doing study online:

You should avoid doing studies online. You should avoid social media to do your studies because when you use an online platform to do study then you may get distracted. While studying online you may start chit – chat with your friends. You may start reading the news feed of social media. When you use a medium of online studies then there are more chances to get distracted and less chances of focusing on your studies.

8. Read your notes instead of whole theory or a whole book:

You should be smart at choosing what to study a day before your exam because you may frequently get confused about what to study? A day before your exam. You should study or revise your notes instead of reading the long theories and whole fatty books. You may also get frightened by seeing long and thick books. So you should either prefer to read your self made notes or lecture notes or any kind of short notes.

9. Do not study continuously have refreshment breaks:

You should not study continuously because when you study continuously you may get bored or irritated and may lose your concentration. Avoid studying for continuous hours. Take at least a 15 minutes break after studying for an interval of two hours. You can take a short nap or any kind of refreshment like you can listen to songs or can have snacks. Taking refreshment refreshes your mind.

10. Take proper food and proper sleep:

Let your mind be calm. Do not lose hope. To study fruitfully you should eat your food properly because your mind can only work effectively when your body is healthy so keep your body healthy, fit and fine. You should eat a good amount of food. A day before your exam you should take a proper amount of sleep so that you can write your exam with a fresh mind.

You have been provided with the best tips to deal with your problem of “how to study in one day before the exam?” follow these.