November 25, 2020

How to Stay Focus on Your Goal?-2020

How to Stay Focus on Your Goal
How to Stay Focus on Your Goal
Taking a book and start reading or studying, and just after 2 to 5 minutes. You start peeping out of the window staring at the children playing in the park, looking into your phone scrolling down your social media feed, chatting with your friends and laughing at the memes; basically, your study time turns into pass time in return of which, we fail to achieve our goal or target.

No, matter how hard we try to focus on our goals and aims after some time our attention and concentration deflect to different and tempting things or activities around us.

Sometime even after curbing yourself and promising to yourself that you will focus hard, but at last what happens is your strong will power gets defeated by mere temptations around you.
And before we start glancing on “how to focus on your goals” we need to know what is the goal?

Goal :

A goal is defined as a purpose or something that you want to achieve or the goal may be defined as the end towards which effort is directed.

So in achieving a bourne our aim we need to be very focused and concentrated in order to succeed: what you dreamt for, what you are working for, and what you are living for.

You might have noticed that there are certain targets which may be achieved in days or months and they are aims which may take a year-long to achieve them on the basis of this time of achieving goals.

The goals can be divided or classified into two different categories which are as follows:

  • Short term goals
  • Long term goals

The first is:

The short term goals:

Short term goals are those goals that can be achieved in a short period of time. These do not involve any type of complexities. The short term goals can be easily achieved. They require a little amount of investment.

Now coming to the second class of goals that is,

Long term goals: 

Long term goals are those goals that are achieved in a very long period of time. This type of goals may include a higher level of competition, complexities, and hurdles. It is not at all easy to achieve these goals and they may also require a good amount of investment in terms of money and hard work.

So whether the goal is short term goals or a long term goal we need certain tips and tricks in order to have a successful achievement of a goal.

So here are some tremendous tips to focus on your, let’s have a look on!

1. Do not try to volunteer many task at a time :

Humans have the tendency to complete all the work at a time and get freed. But in actual in order to do multitasking, that is in a hurry to do all the work by the same we fail to achieve even a single task; in this multitasking, we become stressed since there is no systematic way of working out with the task .thus, thereby our efforts lack that dedication and perfection which is required to achieve the goals.

2. You should have a smart goal:

Now what is this means by having a “smart goal” ?? here the word SMART means ;

S- specific

M- measurable

A- attainable

R- relevant

T- timely bound

Your goal should be,

It means you should be determinant in achieving your target. You should not be confused and should not lose your confidence.

for a goal to achieve there should be some measuring criteria, if there is no such criteria then you would fail to know about your progress.

A goal should be achievable, you should have all the resources and capabilities to achieve the goal.

A goal should be realistic that, it can be achieved with the available resources in a given time.

A goal should be timely achieved, it should not be in the way that it has no end date. The goal should be achieved in stipulated time.

3. You should have perfect time management:

Time management is that skill that helps each in every task to fall in its appropriate place at the appropriate time. And without managing the time everything would become mismanaged. Imagine, instead of having food, you are having leisure time and at the time of working you are eating your food; which hence makes your whole day unorganized and giving rise to delay of work for tomorrow and as tomorrow never comes; you keep on delaying your work and hence fails to achieve your aim.

4. Meditate regularly:

Out of hurry and burry of this busy and competitive world we forget ourselves. We lack peace of mind and with the disturbed mind nothing can go, meditate regularly have 30 minutes time for yourself, let you relax and attend peace of mind.

5. Should maintain consistency in your efforts:

Today working whole 24 hours and the next day you worked for zero hour. This inconsistency makes you lose your interest in your efforts to achieve your goal. To avoid this type of inconsistency. To be consistent you should work for a limited span of time, not the whole day and night. work in a systematic way and have a little rest too. and thus, thereby establishing consistency in your efforts of achieving your aim.

6. Keep patience:

Never be in a hurry in order to achieve something. Be calm, have patience. Let you, yourself work out of your abilities because when you lose patience you become hopeless and then you forget even what you know. So to avoid these conditions start having patience within you.

So, it would have been little tiring reading all these, and now it may seem more difficult to involve these in your life, like it would appear hard to maintain consistency and having smart goals. So it is a myth of your mind. Once you start following one of the above steps you will find yourself following the one after another and finally, you will find yourself………. What??

You have reached your goal.


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