November 25, 2020

How to make people like you? -SocialSkill

We rarely find ourselves liking each other and still we want people to like us. It is not easy to make people like or admire you. Now you would be thinking if it is not easy then you may require some extraordinary qualities. Absolutely! not, you can impress or can make the people like you by simply focusing on some areas. Now they can be many reasons for which people do not like the common reasons are:

  1. You may be having an aggressive attitude.
  2. You may be a rude person.
  3. You may be pessimistic etc.

But we can vanish and can eliminate all these reasons for which people do not like here are some tips to answer the question "how to make people like you?"

1. Adopt a helping Nature:

You should lend a hand in help. A helping Nature always wins the heart of people. When you help people out of humanity, then people start addressing you as a generous person. When you adopt a helping Nature, then you start serving society which generates a kind of love. Helping Nature draws the attention of people around you and makes them like you.

2. Keep a cool temper:

To make people like you you should have a cool temper because anger can never rule the hearts of people. Anger is that toxic feeling which destroys the presence of mind. When you get angry, you do not act out of your mind but you do the things that your anger wants you to do. The truth of life is that however good you are as a person but if you do not have a cool temper nobody is going to like you. So to make people like you try to have a cool temper.

3. Avoid getting into arguments:

We, humans, have the tendency not to accept that we are wrong or the person on the other side is right which mostly leads to arguments. People do not like the person who readily gets into arguments because argument is a kind of violence and there would be hardly any person who can like a violent or an aggressive person. So to make people like you avoid getting into arguments.

4. Speak qualitative, not quantitative:

You should take care of "what you are speaking?".The first thing from which the people judge that "how you are as a person" is "how you speak to them".While speaking you should pay attention to what you are speaking, is it appropriate to speak that content at that particular place.

You should also take in concern in front of whom you are speaking. When you consider all these then you will find yourself speaking appropriate. You should not speak too much but what you speak should be right. To make people like you, let your words be qualitative, not quantitative.

5. Listen to the words of other people:

The most important thing is to be good. You should not opt for the habit of speaking all by yourself. Let the person on the other side speak their part and listen to their words patiently. You should make listening a habit. When you listen to the people they refer to you as a patient person which makes them like you. It is necessary to listen to the words of other people to win their hearts.

6. Accept that you do not know each and everything:

You should have confidence but not overconfidence. You should accept that you have been mistaken. You should accept that you do not know everything because when you accept that you do not know, people will find it interesting to talk to you and when you do not accept people will find you irritating.

So to avoid people to get irritated from you except that you are not supreme and above all, you do not have knowledge of each and everything. This would make people like you.

7. Be humble and polite:

You should be humble and polite. When you become humble you develop a higher self-control. Being humble will help you to be more helpful which in return makes people like you.

Being polite would definitely help you to win the hearts of people. You should be polite in your words. People tend to talk more to those who speak politely and at the end start liking them. So to make people like you you should be humble and polite in nature.

8. Compliment and appreciate others:

you should appreciate and compliment people on their good work. You should not look out for the mistakes and imperfections because this attitude conveys a negative attribute of your personality which hardly anyone would admire. You should compliment that their work is brilliant which would in return help you to earn the love of people.

This quality of appreciating others would attract people towards you and in the end, you will find that the people start liking you.

9. Always keep a smile on your face:

You should have confidence and that should be a smile on your face. Your face conveys your personality more than your words do. Do not keep furry on your face because this will convey that you are a person with a negative attitude.

Always keep a smile on your face so that people can smile back by looking at your face. So to make the people like you always keep a smile on your face.

10. Be kind to others:

You should be kind to other people because kindness can win the hearts of many. When you pay kindness to someone then the person would remain in debt  of kindness because it is rightly quoted "one can pay back the loan of gold but remain in debt to one's kindness." So to make people like you render the kindness to the people around you. Remember kindness alone can win a million hearts.

It would have been a bumpy reading for you. Now after reading the types you would be thinking it is easy to make people like you. So what are you waiting for?

Go and practice these and let the people love and like you.