December 4, 2020

How to create a study habit?- SocialSkill


How to create a study habit?- SocialSkill
How to create a study habit?- SocialSkill

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

       Why, the studies appear so far?

       Between heart and mind

       There is a war.

        Knowing, how important studies are?

        I roam around.

        No ways to be found.

        “To create study habits.”

We all know the fact of how important education is to liberation from salvation. Education is necessary for us to  Transform from animals to humans. The benefits of being an educated man are numerous or maybe countless. From providing values to providing wages to humans, education plays an important role. And still when “education is as necessary, as air to survive.” There are many unprivileged who do not get a chance to get educated.

The ones who get the chance to be educated face the problem that “that do not have study in their habit.”They search and explore the ways to flee away from doing studies.

To run away from doing studies is not as usual and natural but it has certain reasons and causes such as the students or any person who wants to do study is disturbed or his or her mind may be filled with only negative thoughts which would hinder him or her to do his or her studies.

He or she may not be able to manage the studies in accordance with available time. likewise, there can be many other reasons which stand as an obstacle in the path of yours, such as becoming an educated person. So here are some effective tips which can help and would definitely allow you “to develop study habits”.

1. Sketch out a perfect time table:

When you want to study hard and well then there should be a well organized and systematic way to execute your develop a study habit you should know “when to study? and “for how long to study?” Because studying 24 hours a day is out of human capacity. So, you should prepare a timetable according to which you can study in the day. Having a time table helps you to do your studies without any stress and confusion. A time table should be prepared, giving the required time to your subjects.

2. Do not miss merge so many things together:

Do not try to do the study of all the subjects at one time. When you try to study all or many at once you start losing hope and you cannot study even a single sentence. Do not let your mind be confused, do your studies according to the timetable that you have prepared.

3. Have a positive mindset:

We, humans, have the tendency  to fastly perceive the negative thoughts and energies. Having negative thoughts on your mind would never allow you to study with full concentration. Think that you can achieve what you want and work for it. Always keep your thoughts positive.

4. Set up an environment suitable to study:

The environment in which you sit and study is really important. If we do not set up an appropriate environment, then you will get disturbed because of the noise and chaos. The place, at which you are studying; someone might be watching television at the same time, maybe listening to music etc.when you sit among family members to study, they get you talking. The environment in which you study should be a silent place and free from all disturbances.

5. Eliminate the disturbing sources:

when you finally sit down to do the studies, you will find a number of things disturbing you and with these disturbing sources, you cannot continue your studies. You have to eliminate all the disturbing sources like tell your friends not to call you at the time of the study, and tell your family members to let you have the space and time to study.

6. Develop a consistency:

You can achieve perfection by having consistency. You should not adopt the habit of studying for one day and resting for another two days. You should study daily according to the timetable that you have planned. To create a study habit you should maintain consistency or regularity in your studies.

7. Do not postpone your studies :

Students have the tendency to leave the work of today for tomorrow and then tomorrow studies for another day, like this they make a heap of work. All the work gets accumulated which cannot be completed and in return this accumulation of work gives you stress.focus on “tomorrow never comes” when you adopt this principle you set yourself free from the burden and stress of work.

8. Set achievable goals:

Your goals of study should be realistic. You should set your goals keeping in consideration all the resources you have and how much time you have. Your aim should be in your limit of abilities, that is the aim should be decided keeping in consideration your strengths, abilities, and weaknesses. You should not set up such higher goals which are out of the sphere of your abilities.

9. Set up a regular interval of:

Study does not mean you study and put it off for months and years, then there is no benefit and outcome of the study you have done. You need to revise what you have studied. Revision makes you stay in touch with what you have studied. Revision helps in remembering, that you have studied. So set up a regular interval of revision for your studies.

10. Have appropriate time for relaxation:

You are a human and not a machine. You cannot work the whole 24 hours of the day without taking any rest. The human brain has certain limits up to which they can study and work behind this limit; deficiency of mind reduces. So have appropriate rest, so that you can work out of your abilities and capabilities. So let your mind and body relax.

It would have been a long read for you. What you now left with is “to practice” the above-mentioned ways then you would definitely have a good study.

Go ahead! Best of luck.