November 25, 2020

How to Control Negative Thoughts?

How to Control Negative Thoughts
How to Control Negative Thoughts

“I am not able to do this”, “I can not do it”, “I am stressed”,” I cannot handle the situation “,” I am done with my life “, “I do not want to live my life” and so on these are the thoughts which almost every individual of us had come across one or either time of our life or maybe going through. Now the question arises why such negative thoughts arise in our minds? And how we come across these destructive thoughts?

So , there are a number of causes of the “negative thoughts” arising in our mind such as:

  1. Stressed conditions may give birth to sad and negative thoughts.
  2. when you do not get ample time for relaxation your mental thoughts may get disturbed.
  3. And the company you keep might not be of positive mindset which can even turn your positive thoughts to negative thoughts.
  4. and sometimes you keep on memorizing the typical, bad or mishappenings from your past.
These are some causes which leads to the birth of destructive and demotivated thoughts in our minds. but there are certain reasons and causes which goes unlisted and unnoticed but whether the causes are mentioned or not they have adverse side effects such as:
  1. These negative thoughts may lead to mental disorders.
  2. and sometimes the conditions become so worse that they end up committing suicide.
So to get rid of these negative thoughts, we have measures since there are causes so then definitely they would be ways to establish control over negative thoughts.

So, let’s find out how to control negative thoughts?

1. Regularly practice yoga or meditation:

we are such a busy in achieving our targets even we get stressed and out of stress, things can go out of control we may lose the mental balance which may disbalance the task around. Since “prevention is better than cure.”So to kill the origin of negative thoughts. We should practice yoga or meditation regularly. Take out at least 15 minutes to do yoga or meditation and since meditation relax your mind. It soothes your heart. Meditation gives relief from the headaches and pains from your body. So do practice yoga or meditation daily.

2. Do not take stress:

In order to complete the all work before the deadline. To achieve perfection, to fulfill our desires and wishes we work hard day and night, and in all this burden of work, we acquire stress. Now, what is this stress?

Stress- stress is the great worry caused by a situation.

And because of this stress, people may experience headaches, minor pains and sleeping difficulties which may lead to negative thoughts in our mind and these negative thoughts may worsen the conditions ahead, leading to suicide or mental illness to avoid such consequences do not take stress to let your body and mind take rest.

3. Take out proper time for relaxation:

In this busy and competitive world we have made our self a “working machine”.all the time we have only one motive in our mind that it is to work and work and that’s all. But this Era has made us “workaholics”, working for whole 24 hours of the day is not at all good and suitable for human beings since scientifically it is proved that a human being is capable of working efficiently only of average of 7 hours a day .so maintain your hours of working as it is rightly quoted “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. To maintain the time table, have proper time for work and most importantly proper time to relax yourself.

4. Ignore criticism around you:

we usually notice that there are numerous sources of criticizing us at different steps of our life. We initiated some work, by gathering lots of confidence and courage and the people around us try to demotivate, they just need a loop and they can dig a huge pit.they just need one mistake and can be built a castle of imperfections in your work; can destroy your efforts in a flick of seconds which may give rise to negative thoughts. So ignore the criticism and criticizers around you.

5. Stay away from the pessimistic:

the whole way we have been discussing that how should we control these negative thoughts? One of the major steps that we do not pay attention to is keeping away from the pessimistic. We rarely care and worry about the company we keep; we do not pay attention, but it is the company we keep which plays an important role in shaping our social and personal life. Because with whom we stay, we act and behave exactly like them, and if we start staying with people of negative thoughts then we will too acquire the negative thoughts. So to avoid it, stay away from the pessimistic.

6. Focus on your strengths:

we tend to pay attention to the negative things around us. We do not focus on the positive energies, and the same happens without our selves. We look over to our mistakes and weaknesses but we do not even think of our strengths. Yes! Even if fails to pay attention to our strengths. And as a result of which we get demotivated and demoralized and giving rise to depression, and depressed or negative thoughts. So in order to keep yourself energetic and positive always pay attention or focus on your strengths and continue to achieve your goal with a positive smile.

7. Stop revising the incidents from your past:

The human mind has the tendency to recall the past and mourn it. Memorizing the mishappenings from the past not only upset and makes you weep over them but it disturbs your emotional balance, which disturbs the present work or the situation. Stop thinking over what has happened because it is not only a waste of time but of emotions too. Because “past is dead, the future is yet to arrive; live the present “

We have gone all the ways around how to control negative thoughts? So what are you looking for?

Just go and practice them.