November 25, 2020

About Us

Hello, I am Ved Prakash. I am 21 years old. I am a student. I am basically from Uttar Pradesh but currently residing at Lakshmi Nagar in Delhi, India.
I have completed my graduation from Siddharth Nagar University and right now I am pursuing the Chartered Accountancy course. 

Since my school I have a passion for writing and reading. I always read and write something or others because I believe  “success only goes through the book” so I know that books are the key that opens the lock of success.

As I told you that I have passion for writing and reading so the better use of this passion and getting more and more knowledge was to write a blog which not only help my reader but also help my personal enhancement in my knowledge. “there is a saying (proverb) that until we polish our knowledge it will not give benefit”. so keeping to polish knowledge is the better way to advance myself. these were all the reasons due to which I started writing blog.

SocialSkill(blog) is in English language only reason behind it was that there are many readers who know well English and on the other hand Many readers who are weak in English so who are weak in English language will also be able to learn English along with getting knowledge From SocialSkill and feel confident and energetic. Whereas those who are able to read English can get knowledge easily word to them. one more reason also there to write this blog in the English language is a large number of English speakers. you will get surprised to know that English is the second language which is spoken at a large number in the whole world. The number of it’s a speaker is around 983 million in the world. Due to a large number of English speakers I put all the knowledge on my blog in the English language, from which knowledge could reach a large number of people. This is the main reason, I liked to write in the English language.

SocialSkill (blog) provide the knowledge on the topic of personality development and social improvement. SocialSkill teach you how you should deal in a different society and what manner is required to face the persons. Being a CA student in my perception these are extremely important that are useful to every kind of person in their life.

When it comes to my experience with blogs I want to tell you that before SocialSkill(blog), I had started a blog named I could not get proper time to write and maintain that blog with proper routine and therefore I got no response from The Reader due to not getting good response from The Reader I had to say goodbye to my blog.But once again I collected my guts to start a new blog named SocialSkill(blog), which is today in front of you on which you are reading right now. Although being a CA student, I still do not get time to write but yet when I finish my study timing table I sit for writing Article. I work hard to give true information to all my readers so I humbly request to subscribe my blog SocialSkill. It will take just a second or so and thanks to those who already subscribed SocialSkill. My dear Friends, your subscription gives me courage and happiness to write it more and more good content with true information. If you want to contact me. Click on the given link

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