November 25, 2020


10 Tips to Be A Good Student

Today we are here to discuss the topic of vital importance that is “Tips to be a good student.” This topic is referred to as a topic of massive importance because out of the population of 759.4 3 crores of the world 44 percent are students, who are the future of the world. They are required to build themselves as good students to build a better world to live in.
So here are some tips that will help you “To be a good student”.

Do not argue with teachers:

To be a good student you should not argue with teachers. The students who argue with teachers irritate the teachers. The aggressive students lose their Goodwill among teachers. The students who argue are not liked or admired by their teachers. So to be a good student avoid arguing with your teachers. Talk in a polite and gentle way to your teachers in order to be a good student.

Be attentive while taking a class:

You should be active and agile while attending or taking a class. You should not be busy talking when a teacher is taking your class. When you do not pay attention to what a teacher is teaching during a lecture then this attitude of yours conveys a negative attribute of you as a student. You will be assumed as a bad student beside creating a bad picture of yours this attitude also ruins your academic performance because not paying attention to the words of your teacher would result in a loss of your performance in academics.

Be punctual:

You should be punctual in your school or college. Being punctual is an attribute of a good student. When you punctually or regularly attend the class then your academic performance will be enhanced because you will be taking regular lectures which would make you understand each and every concept. Being punctual creates a much pretty picture of you as a good student. So to be a good student be punctual.

Do not miss behave:

To be a good student behave properly. As a student, you should not misbehave either with your friends, classmates, or teachers. Your behavior should be optimal. You should not become angry and rude towards the teachers and classmates. You should keep and maintain a good code of conduct. Your behavior alone can create you as a good student. So in order to become a good student never misbehave.

Do not ignore your studies:

To become a good student always keep your studies as your priority. No work can be more important than doing studies. You should pay the required attention to your studies. To be good at studies is an important and essential attribute of a good student. Your performance at the studies is the first basis of judgment on how you are as a student? and if you fail to be good at your studies then you will definitely fail to create an impression as a good student. So to be a good student never even try to ignore your studies.

Be responsible:

Be a responsible person because being a responsible man would not alone make you a good student but also makes you a person who is well organized at the work. To acquire the attribute of a good student you should build the trait of “being responsible” in yourself. You should be responsible for the task you have been provided with or the work you are volunteering but if you fail to take the responsibility then you will be remarked as a response which is the quality of a bad student. So to be a good student, first of all, learn to become responsible.

Complete all your work within the given time:

you should complete all your work within the given time. You should not exceed the deadline because if you exceed the deadline then you will be remarked as “late” and being “late” is not the quality of a good student. A good student always keeps all of his or her work completed within the given time limits or even before the time limit. So if you really want to be a good student you should not try but you should necessarily complete all your work before the deadline.

Pay equal attention to extracurricular activities as you pay to your academics:

You should pay equal attention to the extracurricular activities as you pay for your studies. You should not become a book worm, try to think out of the box. Advising not to become a bookworm does not mean that you stop studying or you stop paying attention to the studies but it simply means that to pay equal time or attention to the academic and to the activities out of your curriculum. When you pay the required heed to both your academics and as well as to your extracurricular activities then you become a perfectly good student.

Adopt a warm and friendly nature:

When you are only an edge away to become a good student, you should not feel proud because no one can complement a proud student that he or she is a good student. You should adopt a warm, polite and friendly nature because polite nature is admired by all. When you start becoming proud you might acquire an arrogant and aggressive nature which is not a quality of a good student. So to be a good student always keep a polite or down to earth nature.

Always keep yourself motivated:

In your way to become a good student, you’ll come across a number of hurdles and difficulties which would hamper you from becoming a good student. The people would demotivate you even your own friends may start criticizing you. They may even advise you to forget about the thought of becoming a good student but what you should do; ignore all their words and continue moving on your path of becoming a good student by keeping yourself motivated.

So stay motivated and keep on moving to become a good student.